A sleep researcher’s life unravels as she attempts to uncover a mystery, in this unsettling new thriller . . .

Christie works at London’s Somni Company to help others with sleep disorders. However, after taking part in a company research trial, she herself has been experiencing some behavioural and emotional problems—symptoms she strives to keep hidden in order to continue her important work.

A firefighter with disturbing guilt-induced dreams; a mother whose sleepwalking puts her and her child at risk; a young insomniac indulging in reckless activities—all people in need of Christie’s help. But when she suspects she’s being followed and her life begins to unravel, Christie vows to learn more about the Company’s secretive projects.

With her life becoming a waking nightmare, will Christie be able to decipher fact from fiction and save her own sanity?

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ISBN: 9781504083423
Publication date: 2023
Publisher: Bloodhound
Price: 99p – £7.99
Editions: ebook and paperback